TRAILRUNNING – 4 different distances

  • Night on Trail

    6.7 kilometers, 301 vertical meters

  • Panorama Trail Short

    8.8kilometers, 423 vertical meters

  • Panorama Trail Long

    13.4 kilometers, 598 vertical meters

  • Lake Run

    11.4 kilometers, 101 vertical meters

We will explore the most beautiful trails around Zell am See-Kaprun with you. You can choose between different distances over the three days, so there is something for every runner. Girls that want to try out trail running are welcome to do so at the Women’s Trail, because it’s all about the common fun. We do not have time limits that are difficult to reach. Therefore, everybody will be able to finish! No matter if girls that just started to run or experienced trail runners – the mix of experiences and opportunity the exchange and share make the weekend so special. So get on the trails with us!

Burning Balance & Yoga Nidra mit Anna-Maria Jansen

Burning Balance
High Intensity Training (HIT) and Yoga – Tension and Relaxation.

While we burn fat, build muscle, and train our endurance in the “Burning” part, the “Balance” part helps us to improve our flexibility and stability. This helps us to recharge our batteries, improve our body feeling, become more agile, and stay healthy in the long term. At Women’s Trail we will cover the “Burning” part of the workout on the trails, therefore, hour will put the focus on the “Balance” section. It will include Yoga Nidra or “sleep yoga,” which is an exercise for deep relaxation that goes beyond the usual relaxation. The body is put into a kind of physical sleep in which physical, mental, and emotional activities can come to rest. The combination of loading energy and unloading stress ensures an ideal interaction. You become more balanced, concentrated and you do something sustainable for your health.

The training is for both, beginners and advanced yogis. You do not need previous knowledge.

Anna-Maria Jansen (30) is a model and the founder of “Burning Balance.” During her childhood and youth, she played professional sports and got to learn the pain of muscle tension or the feeling of being inflexible after an intensive training session. Therefore, she had the idea to create a balance with the help of yoga. Her yoga teacher training in India helped her to deepen the balance component for the ideal blend of tension and relaxation.


Burning Balance

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 3 pm

Yoga Nidra

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 6 pm

At the Trailrun technique training, you will gain basic knowledge about running, which includes the right nutrition, equipment, and the actual running movement. Siliva Felt will not only lecture you on the topic, but also go run with you. What does Trail Running mean? What differentiates trail running from road running, and what awaits us on the trails? What technology tips & tricks can help us on the trails, not only to run injury-free and safe, but also to have fun doing it?


Trailrun Technique

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 3 pm

What can you expect from the Medicinal Herbs Workshop?  

Feel and discover the natural treasures and precious resources with edible wild herbs and teas for muscle relaxation. Deceleration and mindfulness – a short introduction in the form of exercises. On our way we collect wild herbs for dinner, which we take for our meal and an energy drink.

Who is expecting you?

My name is Claudia, I’m a genuine local who loves sports and as a typical water woman I had the opportunity to explore the world at a young age. I gained a lot of valuable experience and learned new things. For many years I have been working with the healing power of spices and wild herbs. Moments of happiness are my credo in life to collect healing herbs in connection in the flow of movement. I use the herbs for teas, tinctures and in my kitchen. A gift from my great-grandmother, handed down through generations. This is how I came to the medicinal herbs that became an important part of my life, combined with the mountains and nature.


Medicinal Herbs Workshop

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 4 pm

Mindfulness, meditation, mindfulness, resilience – the present time is just spinning around with such concepts. But what is it really about?
With the basic orientation of Essence Coaching®, we want to explore in this workshop what it is really about – in sports, at work, in the family, in society, in life. We look inwards, ask ourselves what meditation can have to do with sporting success and explore what the difference between a goal and a vision is.  If you want to consciously decide in a small group (max. 12 participants) for this pausing and regenerating in the workshop afternoon, this is the right place for you.

Markus Oster (34) has not only been a member of the PLAN B speaker team for a few years and is the voice of the Women’s Trail. He has decided to set a conscious antipole in his hectic life. As an Essence Coach® he is concerned with a mindful approach to himself, to his fellow human beings and to nature and the environment. He would like to pass on this experience and be a source of inspiration, alongside his life in the media and sporting goods industry.


Essence Coaching®

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 4 pm

This is what my workshop “Vegan Nutrition” is all about:

  • My personal experiences with the change of nutrition
  • Advantages for athletes e.g. regeneration
  • Environmental benefits, soya production
  • Clearing up with prejudices such as protein intake, expensive, difficult
  • What women need to pay particular attention to, the issue of deficiency symptoms
  • Vegan does not mean equally healthy, where are the differences
  • Which ingredients are all-rounders for vegan cooking, vegan food pyramid
  • How can I make a start using the example of breakfast ideas
  • Vegan carbloading and competition catering

Julia “Jules” Topp is a passionate trail runner, a certified ASTA guide and has been a vegan since 2019. She had to fight many prejudices when she started her transition to a vegan nutrition and has now made it her mission to educate people about vegan nutrition and the benefits for athletes. Therefore, she is currently undergoing further training in vegan sports nutrition and nutrition planning. On her blog she writes about her experiences as a vegan runner, among other things.


Workshop “Vegan nutrition for sportswomen”

Saturday, 25.09.2021 at 5 pm


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